Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Spruce Up

It is FINALLY starting to feel like fall WOOOOHOOOOO....and of course I work 48 hours this week.  Oh well, that just means more book money.  You may have noticed a few changes around the old blog.  I felt that the previous incarnation of design was a bit wintery and I wanted some COLOR (also I am really liking my shift key today OH YEAH!).  The orange background is inspired by fall leaves and my nephew G-man who LOVES orange.  I have also started going through all of my posts starting with the oldest and sort of sprucing them up, fixing spelling and grammar errors, formatting and link issues, key words, stuff like that. Now that I actually know a bit more on some of the
programming stuff I can at least make them look better.  Reading a lot of my old posts I am tempted to delete or edit a bunch of them as I sound so...new, but I also kind of like looking back and watching my blog develop.  I can't wait for another couple of years to see how far I progress.  Lets see, what else have I done.  Oh yeah  I've added the post "No Apologies" to the main page group because I feel like I reference it a lot and it kind of sums up my views on the blogging/reviewing part of reading.  I hope the changes are to your liking, if not...well it's my blog teeheehee.  But seriously if you have any suggestions let me know.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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