Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Grade School Series

Mmmm fall is my favorite.  I spent the day putting up all my fall stuff, making cider and blasting the AC to pretend that the weather is less the 95 degrees.  This time of year all makes me want to pull out the old books I used to read in my grade school days.

Ramona Collection
This quirky girl series makes me happy to this day.  Everything from Ramona's imaginative pre-school day's to her becoming a young lady hit home with me as a young reader.
Mrs. Piggle-WIggle Series
I love the various means both magical and practical that our eccentric widow uses to help parents with their problem children...also I want to live in an upside down house.
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
Mysteries, smart girls, and some decent fashion made this my go to series for many of my grade school years.
The Boxcar Children
A series about four inventive children...kind of like my family.  This series never failed to provide many adventure ideas for me to inflict upon my siblings
Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective
This was essentially a child version of Sherlock Holmes.  A boy who is very observant and able to put the pieces together in an ingenious fashion.  I always loved trying to solve the mystery before the end of the story.

So that is my list of my favorite series when I was in grade school.  These are the series I read and reread over and over again far into the night.  With school starting again, I think I will pull a couple of these out to read again.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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