Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Every Wall A Page

Sooooo....I'm trying to decide if covering my walls in pages is totally cool and awesome...or getting to the overly obsessed territory.  Take a look at some of these inventive ways people used there walls as one more reading space.
Vintage Wall
This person chose to do one wall in vintage pages in her bedroom
Pages In A Row
I like the idea that you can change the pages out on this wall any time you want
Page and Picture
This person has used simple pages as a background for a larger picture
Page Art
If a whole wall is a bit much, try this book page art instead
Open Book
If single pages are not enough, try the open book method
Alrighty folks let me know if you think this style of decor is awesome...or a tad bit over the top.
Happy Reading Everybody!

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