Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Good Book Form

Getting back from my trip this week and unpacking all of the spoily goodness that it entailed, I thought I would quickly show you one of my favoritist gifts I got. (yes I know I am making up words today)  My Mamma found somebody who shapes old books into letters and shapes and this is what I got

Sorry for the crappy picture, but Mamma is the photographer, I'm just the reader :-)  Anyways I thought these were pretty cool (the K is for my nickname, the V is for the Hubbin).  It's a great way to get a book and some decor in the same form.  She got some great ones for my siblings too...but I didn't get pics of those :-(  Oh well, I'm sure you smart people can probably find them on your own.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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