Thursday, September 11, 2014

What To Wear?

Ever since I read the description of Claudia Kishi's clothes in the Baby-Sitters Club series, I have LOVED reading great descriptions of clothes.  This got me to thinking, which outfits would I love to pull out of my books and into my closets?
The Watchful Dress - The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led The Revels There
"It was orange. to be sure.  No dress that was not could tempt her.  But it was a dark, reddish, grown-up orange, stitched with droplets of gold.  Garnets hung on its plunging neckline.  The shimmery copper-crimson skirt had soft, draping tiers held up by jewelled black rosettes.  A deep, dark green silken rope circled the waist three times and a pair of bright copper pocket watches dangled from the slim bustle."
The Swan Dress - The Black Swan
"In heavy black silk-satin, embroidered all over in a pattern with a suggestion of feathers, encrusted with jet beads and tiny black gemstones that reflected the light in a million miniscule facets.  Beneath the heavy overgown with its long, elaborate train and divided front panal, was and underdress of black gossmer silk, and beneath that were so many black silk petticoats, each as light as a breath of air."
The Coelura Dress - The Coelura
"Laughing uninhibidtedly, she started to twirl in gadness, revelling in the comfort of the coelura against her bare skin.  The fabric responded to her mood in pulsing reds and purples, shot with cerulean blues, breaking into spontaneous patterns as her steps fell into different dance modes."
Aunt Docia's Dress - Little House in the Big Woods
"Aunt Docia's dress was a sprigged print, dark blue, with sprigs of red flowers and green leaves thick upon it.  The basque was buttoned downd the front with black buttons that looked so exactly like juicy big blackberries that Laura wanted to taste them.
The Butterfly Dress - Wildwood Dancing
"It was not-quite-white-the olor of a pale spring flower with the smallest hint of sunshine to soften its stark purity.  The cloth was exceptionally fine and clung to Tati's fingers.  The whole surface was closely embroidered with a pattern of butterflies done in the same subtle color as the background, so they showed best when light shone through the shher fabric.  Here and there an eye or wing or antenna was accented by tiny pearls, by miniature crystals, by odd glass beads with swirling patterns in them."

All of these dresses have a certain appeal for me and I am sure I could find some sort of magic fairy ball to where them to...right?  What clothes from a book would you like to have?  Anybody handy with a sewing maching?

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