Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Need Lots Of The Same Book...And Here's Why

Hello all, how was your weekend?  I got to spend some time with my sweet baby E, who promptly rearranged on of my bookshelves :-)  At first I was like "Oh no all my books!" and then I remembered that I had purposely put all my trashed copies of books on that shelf so that he could go to town.  This of course led to a discussion with my wonderful Hubbin on just why it is I need so many copies of certain books.  If it were up to me I would have multiple copies of every book I own and here is why...I need them.  Hmm, lets try this another way.  Here are the reasons I need multiple copies.

Hardcover - I would love to have a shelf copy of every book I own in hard cover, because they are just so pretty.  This would be my collection version that would look pretty on my show shelves and on occasion the specially lit stands under glass. (I think I need a bigger library)

Pretty Covers - I want all the different covers to my books, some in paticular come in all kinds of coolness.  Seriously if I could have all the cover versions of The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, 20'000 Leagues Under the Sea, Pride and Prejudice...well you get the idea.  (Seriously I need  more shelves)

Scribble Copies - What is a scribble copy?  It is a copy of a book that I can take notes in.  Right now I write in one of my pretty notebooks, but I would love to have an additional copy of all my books to make notes in right there.  Also it would be awesome to pass those copies down someday and see if people can actually read my writing. (maybe I should rent a storage unit for extra bookshelves)

Electronic Book - Because seriously lugging around my entire collection of Shakespeare gets exhausting, especially when I have to take the train.  Also it is nice to have access to any book at any time.  Also they can be really cheap. (Also don't require an extra book shelf)

Reading Copy - Of course I also need just a plain old reading copy, you know to read, for fun.  This can also count as a back up copy for when I enevitably destroy the current copy I am reading.  You see friends, I am a klutz, I spill things, leave books places, read everywhere, and this takes its toll on my precious books, so multiple copies are in order.  (Maybe I'll just by a library...anybody know where I can get one for cheap?)

So this is why I need lots and lots of copies of the same book, any questions?  Happy Reading Everybody!
How many copies of a single book is too many?  What book do you have multiple copies of?  How big a library do I need to hold every version of every book I will ever own?

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