Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back At It

Hi all, how was everybody's week?  It's been absolute craziness over here.  We had an unexpected family emergency (no worries all is well now).  I am now back at home trying to catch up on all my homework and assignments and duty and teaching and reading and writing and laundry and
everything else.  On a happy note I got two and a half books read despite the unforeseen twists in our "vacation" and the porch time was perfection.  I also got to read multiple stories to my younger nephews and took the older ones to the book store.  I have to say I adore the fact that K-guy, my oldest nephew is as addicted to reading as I am.  It was cool to see him get so engrossed in his book that he didn't even hear us.  There were multiple times where he would disappear only to be found tucked away with his book.  Definitely my nephew lol.   Anyways I have A LOT of ramblings to start working on an will try and get those up soon.  In the meantime, Happy Reading Everybody!

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