Monday, February 27, 2017

Book On My Face

Hola Readers, I'm feeling a bit whimsical and daring today so I have been experimenting with all the makeups.  I have discovered that us bibliophiles are so prevalent and obsessed that make up is now on the list of book themed things we can cool!  Here are some neat things I found wandering around the internet.

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes
Considering the apparent magic that takes place when I use makeup, I feel it is fitting that they are now in the form of a magic wand from our favorite magical tomes.
Harry Potter Eyeshadow
This is unfortunately sold out, but they have/had all four houses in their collection and it pretty magical if I do say so myself.

Hunger Games Covergirl Collection
Inspired by the 12 districts, there is something for everyone in this collection of makeup

Snow White Book Palatte
I love how this makeup collection opens up like a book and even has a story!

I feel like their is room for even MORE awesome book inspired make up collections, let's campaign for them shall we?  Happy Reading Everybody!

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