Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New House!

Hi Folks, sorry for the lack of posting.  Unfortunately this will probably continue for the rest of the week as I am trying to unpack while spending 72 hours on an ambulance...doesn't leave a lot of time for posting.  I did however want everybody to know that me and my 20+ boxes of books have arrived safely and are eagerly awaiting completion of the fabled Book Nook.
Pretty sure this is what my movers felt like!
I already love it here and have found at least 13 different awesome places to read, including TWO different reading trees.  I am totally excited to have this week over with so I can get in some solid reading time, book nook creation time and serious rambling time in.   I will try and get some pics up soon, but in the mean time please have some patience until this insane week is over and then it will be rambling city I promise.  Happy Reading Everybody!

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